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As the days get shorter and the weather turns more autumnal, here at DMComponents we believe it is essential to make sure you are ready for winter now. You may have heard this a few times but you need to prepare for winter driving before the rain, snow, sleet, fog and mist set in. Winter can bring very difficult driving conditions for any driver, but DMComponents is at hand for anything you may need to help your winter journeys run more smoothly.

DMComponents offer a range of different lighting products including lamps. The majority of lamps we offer are rear lamps produced by Britax PMG. Britax PMG are a world class supplier who produce quality products that can be found on all types of vehicles. We have a strong relationship with Britax as one of their distributors. If you are interested in learning more about Britax click here and you can see what Britax PMG we offer here.

We also sell lamps with LED bulbs as they are believed to be more reliable. It has also been mentioned that they will in theory last longer because they require less current when they are in use.

The lamps we offer are suitable for a wide range of industries from commercial such as trucks and heavy good lorries, to kit car use. Lamps are very important during this time of year so you can see clearly during any winter weather conditions you may encounter, and so others are aware of your presence. This can be especially the case when driving in dark conditions.

It’s important to remain safe; if you are unsure which of our collection would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. DMComponents owner David Morgan and his dedicated team are always more than happy to give you advice and provide the best solution for you. If you find you don’t see the lamp you are looking for on our site, please give us a call - we are always more than happy to research further and find the right product for you. Technisol have a great supplier network and can provide other branded lamps if needed.

If you are interested in finding out more about the products we offer please have a look at our online shop. Don’t forget if you can contact us by calling 01954 212 704 or emailing us at

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