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Pyrometers at DMComponents

DMComponents have been a leading supplier and manufacturer of many products for an array of market sectors.

A particular product stocked by DMComponents are the ISSPRO pyrometers. DMComponents choose to stock ISSPRO pyrometers because ISSPRO is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pyrometers to the heavy duty, marine and industrial markets.

A pyrometer is an exhaust temperature gauge which is commonly used in diesel applications. It is important to invest in a pyrometer as knowing the temperature of your exhaust can give you a great indication of a problem with your engine. A pyrometer can also be used to prolong your engine life and improve your mileage.

A pyrometer is efficient because it allows you to read any immediate change in your exhaust temperature by receiving a temperature signal from the pyrometer probe which is inserted into the exhaust manifold. It will note a change if an injector clogs, a cylinder cracks or an electronic injector has a problem. Technisol believe that constant monitoring of temperature changes can alert you if there are any temperature problems. Furthermore, this is much quicker indication than a regular temperature gauge, as a pyrometer is more sensitive to these problems because it measures the internal thermodynamics of your engine.

Excessive temperature is the greatest damaging factor to your engine. High exhaust temperature can be caused by a number of different reasons such as excessive fuelling, incomplete fuelling, and restricting air. Excessive fueling in particular will cause over speeding or excessive revs which does result in a high fuel consumption, and can damage your engine and turbo. By monitoring the temperature of your exhaust, you can effectively detect any changes in temperature during the early signs of trouble. Using a pyrometer will indicate engine problems more efficiently than any other method.

The benefits of using a ISSPRO pyrometer is a longer engine life, better fuel consumption, lower emissions and an indication of malfunctions before damage occurs. If you would like to purchase a pyrometer from DMComponents please click here. To contact DMComponents call: 01954 212704 or email us at

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