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Supplier Profile: Britax PMG

DMComponents offer a large range of electrical, electronic and mechanical products for your car, boat, agricultural equipment or commercial vehicle.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of products to the automotive, marine, commercial, and industrial market sectors, DMComponents choose to sell Britax PMG because they are a world-class supplier of mandatory and auxiliary vehicle lighting, amber hazard warning lighting and rear view mirrors. Their products can be found on all types of vehicles, car, commercial, agricultural and industrial use. Britax PMG have a very quality range of lamps, switches and mirrors which you can find here.

Britax PMG rotating beacons in particular are essential for vehicles that are slow moving and need a visible competent, such as tractors. Their rotating beacons make others aware of their vehicle, ensuring their safety and that of the person in the vehicle. The other beacons Britax PMG offer are stylish, robust and reliable products predominantly made to provide excellent visibility in all weather conditions you may find yourself in, on a range of vehicles.

The Britax brand are a well-established organisation dating back to the 1930s. You may know them for their children’s car seats, which can be found here. The brand is a synonymous with quality, safety and reliability. DMComponents have chosen to be a supplier of Britax PMG because of their high quality, proven, safe products.

DMComponents work hard to provide great customer service and offer you a wide selection of products, including Britax PMG

If you would like to see the Britax PMG products we offer please click here. To contact DMComponents for all other enquires please call 01954 212704 or email us at

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