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Fuel Senders at Technisol

The ISSPRO tube fuel senders are the best value sensor on the market today. Technisol offer this fuel sender because it is a widely used component which are perfect for all types of weather you may come across.

The proven reliability and reduced slosh indications make the ISSPRO tube fuel senders ideal for marine, high performance, automotive and heavy duty application. The ISSPRO fuel senders is extremely durable - more so than over traditional float arm types, which you may have noticed are unreliable due to float arms working loosely or the wiper contact wearing out easily. You may have found that other types of fuel senders, in rugged conditions, are over-sensitive and the sensor signal wears out. ISSPRO tube fuel senders have no moving parts except the float, which is independent to the level of fuel, hence you are provided with a longer lasting and a more effective method of measuring how much fuel you have left. The ISSPRO tube fuel sender’s aluminium extrusion tube provides protection for the float and PC board, hence you are provided with a highly durable product.

Here at Technisol, as a leading supplier and manufacturer of products to the automotive, marine, commercial and industrial market sectors, we want to sell the most appropriate and effective products to our customers, and this is why we choose to sell the ISSPRO tube fuel sender. The durability of the product on its own make it one of the most popular products Technisol sell.

Additionally, the ISSPRO tube fuel sender fits round and rectangular tube shapes and is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel and variants are available. It also is available in a diverse range of tube lengths and 1 inch increments.

If you are interested in purchased or finding more about the ISSPRO fuel senders Technisol offer, please click here.

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